Practical Personal
Spare time means more and more to most of us, time is a resource of shortage and demand.
For some this equals a desire of not involving one selves in some of the daily, trivial - but still so unavoidable tasks. 
Others again have sufficient time but lack, for various reasons, the possibility of handling these matters themselves and are thus dependant upon others for assistance.
Parents and others who are close might need that extra helping hand enabling them to remain staying in their homes whilst the younger - and constantly busy experience that time is all too short. 
The demands differ but have to be dealt with, regardless of age and sex. We have decided to do something about it and offer, for one:
  • Execute simple, practical tasks at home or in the office which does not require vocational training.
  • Planning and carrying out simple private arrangements/events.
  • Assisting/accompanying in connection with theatre-, concert performances or visits to museums/galleries etc.
  • Planning, arranging and accompanying - if requested - at travels.
  • Looking after house or flat at absence beyond other possible security arrangements.
  • Assistance in contact with officials or private companies.<
  • Sightseeing within Oslo for max. 4 persons. English and German spoken.
  • Transportation and assistance in matters where the customer has errands to attend to.
  • During the summer months the service specter will include transportation with boat as well as various simple tasks involving summer places in Asker and Bærum.
  • Gardening.
  • Transportation service.
We are used to communicating with more than one person when something should be done.
This service will be different, there will be only one person to relate to, from the first request till mission completed.
The main goal will be punctuality, accuracy, honesty and - not least - a service rendered to complete satisfaction of the customer.
Price per hour NOK 400,- + VAT. and additional NOK 50,- for the appearance (within Oslo and Bærum).
On holidays NOK 800,- + VAT.
Are you in demand of such service - or do you know someone who is?
Please contact at: 
Mobil Phone
Postal address
917 05 023
ppa, Gullkroken 7, 0377 Oslo